Women Colleagues


A brick-and-mortar co-working space and cultural hub for education, collaboration and, community.

Located in the Heart of Springfield, MA

Once fully functional, our  2,000 square foot space with a modern, creative- industrial-style will offer hot desks, shared and private desks, a conference room, as well as a bookstore and cafe. The Ethnic Study will give new meaning to the term “collaboration”, as members will be encouraged to connect, share resources, learn from one another and teach! Members will have the freedom to meet, to work, organize, and to build their plans from the ground up. Visitors can start with a Day Pass or a Hot Desk then add other amenities such as conference room hours, Phonebooth usage, a mailing address, and more...

Affiliation with 413 Stay Woke, Stay Active

The mission of 413 Stay Woke, Stay Active is to actively mitigate the effects of systemic racism by empowering Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) through community education and organized direct action. In aligning our values with the National Black Lives Matter Movement, our goal is to fight for the liberation of black and brown people and for the elimination of systemic white supremacy. We believe that our work is not centered on Black lives merely mattering, it is centered on Black and brown lives thriving!

The Ethnic Study is a direct manifestation of the grassroots organizing efforts of 413SWSA and our supporters.


What We Believe

Safe Space

Community members who have been historically and systematically marginalized deserve a nurturing environment that supports healing and is hyper-focused on increasing BIPOC leadership capacity, and centralizing community and business-related resources. 

Transformative Justice in the Community

or “a community-based approach for responding to violence, harm, and abuse”, should be at the heart of community service and should fuel our organization’s commitment and approach to systemic change. Transformative Justice seeks to “respond to violence without creating more violence and can be thought of as a way of “making things right,” getting in “right relation,” or creating justice together. ” (Source:https://transformharm.org/transformative-justice-a-brief-description/)

Liberatory Education or, “education that frees the mind” should be used as a tool to dismantle oppressive systems and situations, to empower community members to lead and transform their lives, and to critically challenge local, regional and national power dynamics that disproportionately affect Black and Brown communities. 

BIPOC community members and allies should have access to a network and a community resource that provides continuous opportunities to learn, collaborate, volunteer, and change not only ourselves but the world. 

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