Our Mission

Our goal is to cultivate a collaborative working and learning environment that is inclusive and takes a radical approach to elevate the leadership skills, business opportunities, and voices of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) within the 413 area.

Our space will fundamentally function as a Co-Working Space, where entrepreneurs and creatives can share in intellect and culture. To serve our community’s most marginalized members, it will be open and accessible for workshops, community events, and programming that is centered on Anti-Racism, Enrichment, and Empowerment. We believe that together with our community partners, our existence as a co-working space will heighten the economic and social fabric of our neighborhood.


Meet The Founders

Simbrit Paskins

Born and raised in Springfield, MA, Simbrit Paskins has been a community leader and advocate for change within the 413 area for almost 10 years. From her involvement in community gardening and urban farming to her youth development work, Simbrit has been an ever-present voice speaking truth to power around systemic racism and injustice.


Simbrit graduated from Westfield State University with a double major in Ethnic and Gender Studies and Spanish. She now works at Holyoke High School in Holyoke, MA teaching Ethnic Studies in English Language Arts.


Simbrit is also co-founder of the 413 Stay Woke, Stay Active Facebook group with over 8,000 members, actively working together to end racism and save Black lives. She hopes to continue to engage and co-educate allies and BIPOC community leaders within the group and beyond, and is working to build a strong community organizing network with her partner Stephany Marryshow as they work on opening their newest project, “The Ethnic Study”.

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Stephany Marryshow

Stephany Marryshow was born and raised in Springfield, MA and has lived in Easthampton for the last 15 years. She is a local musician (singer, guitarist, and songwriter), a community organizer, and an activist. Stephany is also the co-founder of the 413 Stay Woke, Stay Active FB group with over 8,000 members, actively working together to end racism and save black lives.


Stephany has worked with children and adults with disabilities for the past 10 years and has been active in the community for much longer. She hopes to continue to grow the supporters in the group and to continue to find new and sustainable ways to be an advocate for people who need a voice and to change their situation once and for all.


She plans on doing this with her partner Simbrit Paskins as they work on opening their newest project "The Ethnic Study", a collaborative workspace in Springfield, MA that promotes education, community, and collaboration in an inclusive environment.