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What's a CoWorking Space?

Generally speaking, the definition of coworking is when people assemble in a neutral space to work independently on different projects, or in groups on the same projects. It’s different than a typical office workspace because the people in a coworking environment generally aren’t working for the same company. Coworking spaces offer the same amenities you would find in a traditional office, along with a lot more. A major differentiator is flexibility since you don’t need to sign a long-term lease in a coworking space.

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What time are ya'll open?

Co-working or not, the T.E.S. cafe and bookstore are open to the public Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9 AM - 5 PM, and Sundays from 11 AM - 4 PM. On Wednesdays, our co-working is extended to 6 PM, but you can get even more access to the space with a custom membership! Contact us for more info on custom memberships!

I'm a member, can I bring guests or nah?

Of course, bring your peoples! If you're already a co-working member at The Ethnic Study, you are allowed one visitor per week to co-work with you for free. If your visitor would like to use the space more often, we require the purchase of a day pass or monthly membership following their initial visit. If you're new to the space, everyone can purchase a day passes on our Membership Plans page.

I'm not a member, can I bring guests or nah?

If you're new to the space, everyone is required to purchase a full or half day pass. For more info on day passes, please visit the Membership Plans page.

Do you sell coffee?

Is it a cafe? ... Lol jk, yes we do sell coffee! As well as tea, lattes, and more! Our coffee beans are locally roasted and provided by The Monsoon Roastery.

Do I have to pay to just chill?

We have intentionally taken time to curate a unique, inclusive, and comfortable environment here at The Ethnic Study. Most people never want to leave! (It's true lol! Check our testimonials and reviews!) So, we see all time spent at T.E.S. as valuable and during the week you must purchase a day pass or monthly membership to spend than an hour at The Ethnic Study. However, during our Sunday cafes, all visitors have access to our cafe & bookstore as well as any T.E.S. open workspaces. (Not including meeting rooms, offices, or cubicles.)

What else happens here?

Glad you asked! In addition to member-exclusive events, T.E.S. hosts a variety of community-centered, social, educational, and relaxational events! Click here for the latest at T.E.S.!

Can I rent the space for my Event? Program? Meeting?

Yes! T.E.S. offers venue rentals that allow community members to utilize the space for public or private events outside of our regular operating hours. In order to be considered, venue rental proposals must align with our community guidelines to protect the integrity of the space. Our meeting room seats up to six people comfortably and can also be rented out for private meetings without a membership. Please contact us for any inquiries about full venue rentals or meeting room rentals!