Our Cafe

The cafe is open to the public Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9AM to 5PM with locally roasted coffee & espresso beans proudly provided by The Monsoon Roastery.

Our cafe drink of the month for March is the Lavender White Chocolate Iced Latte!

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"We are often asked why we have to have this and that be “Black.” Many never stop to think about what it is like to look at something and try to find identity in places where it does not exist. When you have privilege, you don’t know you have it, and you cannot conceptualize the results and implications of not having it." 

-Kimberly Drew

Our Bookstore

Our bookstore consists of diverse texts by diverse authors centering BIPOC, queer & trans folks, and women.

Our T.E.S. book of the month is "Black Futures" by Kimberley Drew and Jenna Wortham.